Hive Fair Play Cup

Play Hive in a team! 

In the 2023 edition 16 team battled in a swiss-tournament, Hall of fame shown below!


Rules for 2024 have just been posted!  The Fair Play Cup is a  flexible team tournament, a great chance to get to know and bond with other players in the community!

See the document at the bottom of this page or here to read the full rules.

Rules in short

A contest for the best team logo will be run as well!

If you have any other questions please email the organizers.  

3. HIVE FAIR PLAY CUP 2024 - international TEAM championship

Hive Fair Play Cup - Hall of Fame

2023 (results) - Tamanduas

Quodlibet (Christian Galeas, Chile) 

Loizz (Luiz Ribero, Brazil)

Kaur50 (Karl, Chile)

Humdeabril (Dimitri, Brazil)

2022 (results) - Vikings

HappiKiwi (Patrik Berggren, Sweden)

Frasco (Francesco Salerno, Italy)

Apolloq (John Sandal, USA)

harknus (Jonas Kronander, Sweden)