World Hive Championship

BoardSpace Swiss Open Qualifier

What do I need to do to play?

Full rules here or in the doc below!

2023 BoardSpace Open Hive World Championship Qualifier Rules

The Online World Championship has been held on every year since 2007! (you can read more about the history here!)

The format evolved over the years until the modern 32-player invitational event. There are several chances over the year to qualify for the World Championship!


The players qualified so far to the 2023 World Championship are (BoardSpace nicknames): 

The remaining 12 slots will be assigned in the second qualification tournament (real-time) on starting on 21st April 2023 (see rules above)

Results will be updated here! (To start in July-August)

These tournaments are free and open to anyone! Do you want to miss the chance to become the next World Hive  Champion?

Full rules for the 2023 World Championship can be found below.

Qualification Events Rules to 2023 Online Hive World Championship