Where can I play Hive?

The answer is: literally anywhere!

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But if you seek for a more specific answer... here there are all the options: Online and Offline!


Recommended for turn-based games (correspondence) and if you are interested in playing other games. A few tournaments are also held here every year, including the Mind Sports Olympiad Grand Prix and the King of the Hive League.

Featuring tournament style time control and a useful reviewer tool, the Online World Championship, The Hive Fair Play Cup and many other events played in real-time are usually held here.

Play online through BGA or against the bot on your smartphone!

Over the board play

There are a few Hive communities around the world who play Hive on the board (or better to say on the table!) more or less competitively. Contact us if you want to be added to the list below!

Check the section In Person Events if you want to find the next tournaments around you!


North America

South America