Online World Hive Championship

Check when the matches are scheduled on our calendar and watch the games on BoardSpace or streamed by content creators.  

The Online World Championship has been held on every year since 2007! (you can read more about the history here!)

The format evolved over the years until the modern 32-player invitational event.

WHC 2024

The 32 spots of the WHC 2024 are assigned in the following way:

a) 8 spots to the top 8 players of the WHC 2023;

b) 8 spots to the top 8 players in the BGA Elo ranking;

c) 16 spots to the top 16 players of the BoardSpace Open tournament starting in April (read rules below!);

BoardSpace Swiss Open Qualifier 2024

The tournament is open to everyone. Don't worry if you have not played competitively before, this is a very good chance to have fun, learn, and meet other Hive fans from all over the world!

Start: 1st April 2024.


Format: open to anyone, 1 (preliminary) + 7 rounds Swiss tournament.

Schedule: flexible, 10 days per round (2-game match).

Time control: 20 minutes + 20 sec increment per move.

Qualification: the top 16 players qualify for the WHC  2024 starting in July (rules to be published on this page later on).

How to sign up?

1. Set up your account on and make sure you know how to use the platform in advance.

2. Sign up on the tournament page.

3. Fill out the registration form.

4. We advise you to use the Discord platform and join our community for easier communication.

5. Wait for the email communication from the committee about the preliminary stage to start and be as responsive as possible. Get more familiar with the tournament page as the pairings will be posted there, and it is used for scheduling games and posting results.

World Hive Championship - Hall of Fame

Here you can find all the winners of the past edition of the official Hive World Championship!

2023 (results)

1st place: Jewdoka (Joe Schultz, USA)

2nd place: Aenorman43 (Alex Norman, USA)

3rd place: HappyKiwi (Patrik Berggren, Sweden)

4th place: Csigeee (OlivĂ©r Lelkes, Hungary)

2022 (results)

1st place: Jewdoka (Joe Schultz, USA)

2nd place: Stepanzo (Stepan Opalev, USA)

3rd place: Frasco (Francesco Salerno, Italy)

4th place: Gandac (Ion, Romania)

WHC 2023

Congrats to Jewdoka for becoming the World Hive Champion for the fourth time!

Full results are available here!

You can review the most exciting games played over the year on or on the YouTube channels of top players.

BoardSpace Swiss Open Qualifier 2023

The tournament is open to anyone! Start on 21st April 2023

Real-time: 2-game match, each game 20 min + 20 sec per player

Flexible scheduling: 10 days per round to schedule freely with your opponent

Top 12 players qualify to the World Cup!

What do I need to do to play?

  1. Full rules here

This tournament is free and open to anyone! Do you want to miss the chance to become the next World Hive Champion?

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