Do you want to run a tournament at your local Games Shop or Association? You can find here below general guidelines to do it yourself!

If you need any help, feel free to contact Frasco at francesco@gen42.com

New Tournaments - 2024


- Europe

- Rest of the World

  • Santiago (Chile), info coming soon;

  • Guatemala City (Guatemala), info coming soon;


Let us know if you want us to list your tournaments here or if you want to run an official Gen42 tournament. 

You can run your official tournament if you follow the WHT tournament guidelines (button below).

2024 UK Hive Cup

All rules and info can be found on this page.

2023 UK Hive Cup Finals (UKGE)

4th June 2023, 12:00 - 16:00

The UK Games Expo is the biggest festival of table top games in the UK, is there any better place to run the most important Hive tournament in the UK?

Save the date, the tournament is open to anyone!


6 rounds Swiss tournament, 15min+10sec, flexible format (Hive base as standard, PLM expansions if both players agree)

Prizes (an exlcusive magnetic set!) and medals to the Top 3 players

Tickets available here

Pre-Register here

Full rules here

2023 Tournaments in Europe

In summer 2023 we will have a series of tournaments in Europe:

Rules and registrations to be released soon for each of these events (for typical rules see the UK Hive Cup above and the general guidelines below)

2023 UK Hive Cup

Series of rapid swiss tournaments with Finals at the UK Games Expo (biggest boardgame convention in the UK!):

All the tournaments, including the finals, are open to anyone!

Full rules here

Pre-Register here 

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