The first European tournament was held in Budapest (Hungary) during the weekend of 8-9 June 2024. A weekend full of Hive: Saturday a whole-day tournament and Sunday morning the first official Hive Convention in Europe!

For the third year in a row, the Hive tournament at the UK Games Expo represents the finals of the UK Hive Cup and crowned the UK Hive Champion! This year was even more intense as the winner would have been sponsored to play in the European Hive Open in Budapest, Hungary, only a week later!

The Award Winning 


Hive® is an award-winning pure strategy game published by Gen42. It is played using hexagonal tiles and does not need a board. Hive is fun, easy to learn and at the same time very deep and challenging. Join our community and meet other Hive players! 


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  • Results and more details about the first European Hive Convention and Open in Budapest! Read the blog article here.
  • The new official platform to play Hive is out!
  • New tournaments coming up in the Summer of 2024!
  • The BoardSpace Open Qualifier 2024 has started.
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