UK Hive Cup 2024

Do you have what it takes to become the UK Hive Champion?

UK Hive Cup 2024 Calendar


Upcoming [Part of the UK Hive Cup 2025]

  • Q-Con (Belfast, Northern Ireland), 15 June 2024, register here;

  • Mind Sports Olympiad (London, England), 18 August 2024, 14:00 (tickets here)


  • The winner of each local tournament will receive a 1-day ticket to enter the UKGE (on the day of the UK Hive Cup finals, 2nd of June), a ticket to enter for free the UKGE finals and exclusive prizes provided by Gen42. 
  • The winner of the UKGE tournament (2 June 2024) will receive free accommodation for two nights and a flight ticket reimbursed (up to £100) to participate at the European Hive Convention and Open 2024 in Budapest, Hungary! (8-9 June 2024)

Find more info about the EHC 2024 here

All the tournaments, including the finals, are open to anyone! Please use the registration form above to pre-register for any of these tournaments (you might still need to buy or book a ticket for some of these events, see the Calendar above).

From January 2024, any shop, café, association or school can run their own tournament!

Please contact us ( if you want to run a local Hive tournament. Gen42 sells a special Tournament Pack at a discounted price that contains all you need to run an official tournament:

The winner of each of these local tournaments will also receive, on top of the prizes included in the pack, a free entry ticket to the UKGE 2024 and the final tournament! (the UKGE tournament is still open to anyone)

The winner of the UKGE 2024 final tournament will become the UK 2024 Hive Champion and will receive a very special prize as well! (to be announced)

Either you want to play or run your tournament, find the Complete Rules of the UK Hive Cup 2024 here below

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