The Award Winning 

Modern Abstract Strategy Game

What is Hive?

Hive® is a pluri-awarded pure strategy game published by Gen42 

It is played using hexagonal tiles and does not need a board

Hive is fun and at the same time very deep and challenging

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Latest News (November 2023)

Watch out for the new events coming up in 2024! 

Find more info about the new events in 2024 here!

Ladies and Gentlemen in the UK: the UK Hive Cup 2024 is about to begin! 

This year any shop/café/association/school can run their own tournament valid for the UK Hive Cup!

Please contact Gen42 if you want to run your own tournament and find all the info on the page here

The Semifinals of the Hive World Championship 2023 are set! 

It seems we are down to a Europe vs USA match... incredible games have been played so far and new ones are going to be played soon, don't miss them!

Follow the games on and on Randy's youtube channel.

If you want to know more about the semifinalists... have a look at the profiles below

The new season of the Rapid League is starting soon!

The rapid league is a real-time tournament with a flexible schedule open to anyone! You will be placed in a group depending on your BGA elo and play against each player in your group on . Each season lasts 2-3 months so you have plenty of time to schedule your games!

The fourth season starts on November 11th.

The special 'King of the Hive - End of the Year Cup' is starting soon!

This is a turn-based single elimination tournament played on BGA and anyone can join!

Latest News (July 2023)

BoardSpace Open Qualifier finished.. 

and the World Championship started!!

The last qualification tournament just finished and the Hive World Championship 2023 has started!

Congrats to the top 13 players who have the right to play in the World Championship.

Follow the results here!

The Hive World Championship is a 32-player invitational event. The first phase is a group phase, 8 groups of 4 players each, where the top 2 move on to the knock-out phase!

You can find Results in the spreadsheet below and follow the games as they are played on (you need an account to watch), or following one of the youtube channels which do streaming and analysis: (Play Hive like a Champion) (Ad Abstra) (Ordep Cubik, in Spanish)

Check out our Calendar to know when the matches are played!

UK Hive Cup Finals 2023

24 participants to the open tournament at the UK Games Expo held on the 4th of June 2023. Great day: turn out, enthusiasm and skill level seem to increase constantly every year!

Congratulations to Robert Užar for winning undefeated the 2nd of the UK Hive Cup 2023! Closely followed by Ven Gee Lim and Jordan Chatterton.

Face to face Tournaments Upcoming

Latest News (May 2023)

The second edition of the Fair Play Cup, the official Hive Team Championship, recently ended.  The event saw 16 teams of 4 players each battling in rapid games for 3 months and culminated with the victory of the South American team Tamanduas! The team featured Quodlibet, Loizz, Kaur50 and Humdeabril. The second place was shared by 4 (!) different teams, proving that the competition was quite challenging and the result was unclear until the very last round!

Congratulations also to the best individual players of the tournament: Quodlibet (both absolute and 1st board!), InDusDusDus (2nd board), Samax (3rd board). The results are fully displayed below.  

Thanks to the Hungarian Hive Club (Csigeee and Laci5555) for organizing this event, and we hope to see even more participation next year!

2. Hive Fair Play Cup - International Team Championship - 2023

Congratulations to Wollknäuel22 for winning the first edition of the Lady Cup 2023!

After 6 rounds  Wollknäuel22 emerged on top with full score! Second and third places were conquered by Szrogi and Mamarena, respectively. 

All results are available on the BGA page here.

Thanks to the Hungarian Hive Club for organizing this event and congratulations to all the players!

Latest News (April 2023)

Registration for the BoardSpace Open Qualifier is open!

Full rules in the WC section

Latest News (March 2023)

Congratulations to the participants of the BGA Swiss Open Qualifier just finished! 🐝

Complete Results can be found here.

Congratulations in particular to the top 8 who qualified to the World Cup starting in July/August. 🏆

Details about the BoardSpace Open Qualifier starting in April/May (last chance to qualify to the World Cup) will be announced soon over the next days, stay tuned!

Latest News (February 2023)

The Hungarian Hive Club has interviewed Joe Schultz (aka Jewdoka), 3-times World Champion and John Yianni, the creator of Hive! 

The interviews are available on youtube on the channel of the Club!

The Hungarian club is organizing a tournament for women only: the Lady Cup 2023!

It's a turn-based 6 round swiss on BGA starting on March 8th.

Full rules can be found here!

(you need to register by filling the form and sending it by email to the committee).

Spread the word with your girl friends 🙂

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